Breadboard Mates Partners with Mouser


We are pleased to announce that the full BreadBoard Mates product catalogue is now available from Mouser Electronics. Mouser stocks all items and ships quickly and cost effectively to any part of the world.

Breadboard Mates Partners with Mouser2022-11-16T19:50:23+11:00

Breadboard Mates Partners with Pimoroni


We are pleased to announce that the TIMI-130 and TIMI-96 starter kits and the Pi Adaptor for MatesBUS is now available at Pimoroni. Pimoroni is a leader in the makers community and supplying electronics to educational, industrial and maker purposes, based in the UK. Pimoroni ships worldwide.

Breadboard Mates Partners with Pimoroni2022-11-16T19:44:08+11:00

Breadboard Mates Partners with SparkFun Electronics


Breadboard Mates continues to grow in the international market. The latest news displays the partnership with SparkFun Electronics, a makers-community industry leader and an electronics retailer based in Colorado, United States.

Breadboard Mates Partners with SparkFun Electronics2022-03-29T05:29:08+11:00

Introducing the brand new TIMI-130


We are happy to announce the addition of a new member of the ever-growing TIMI family, the TIMI-96 larger brother TIMI-130. Compared to the TIMI-96, the TIMI-130 features a larger display size, 1.3″ full-colour RGB-IPS display boasting a full RBG (65K vivid colours) and double the resolution 240×240 pixel.

Introducing the brand new TIMI-1302022-12-17T21:23:18+11:00

Introducing the new TIMI-Click and TIMI-Wing


Today we announce the addition of two new models to the TIMI family, the new TIMI-Click and TIMI-Wing, explicitly designed to simplify TIMI adoption to customers using the Mikroe Click board or the Adafruit Feather platforms.

Introducing the new TIMI-Click and TIMI-Wing2022-12-17T21:22:45+11:00

TIMI: A World-First Tiny Integrated Modular Instrument


Introducing TIMI, a smart display instrument that replaces and simulates many electronic parts. Hundreds of built-in widgets allow you to build projects you never thought possible. Out of the box, TIMI simulates many typical components used in most breadboard based projects.

TIMI: A World-First Tiny Integrated Modular Instrument2022-12-17T21:22:58+11:00


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