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Breadboard Mates Partners with SparkFun Electronics


Breadboard Mates continues to grow in the international market. The latest news displays the partnership with SparkFun Electronics, a makers-community industry leader and an electronics retailer based in Colorado, United States.

Breadboard Mates Partners with SparkFun Electronics2022-03-29T05:29:08+11:00

Tutorial #9: Designing a Media LED Widget


The Media Led widget is a highly configurable widget that allows you to place a Led indicator on the screen in any colour and in a variety of styles can be useful for indicating the status of an output. It also can display a symbol or text on top of the widget.

Tutorial #9: Designing a Media LED Widget2021-10-21T05:42:49+11:00

Mates Studio Commander User Manual


Mates Studio’s Commander environment allows users to select and utilize different page designs/layouts from a built-in collection provided by the Breadboard Mates team and its community. This allows users to quickly produce nice-looking GUI applications in seconds. This output program features an easy-to-use-and-understand Mates Serial Command Protocol that can allow users to control the display using their favorite microcontrollers. This also includes a simple to use interface that allows users to simulate a microcontroller controlling the display programmed with a Commander project.

Mates Studio Commander User Manual2021-10-21T05:44:04+11:00


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