Do away with many components, using one companion.

Compact and feature-packed

REPTOR-250 was designed as a flexible design aid, primarily to simulate component readouts and meters, which would otherwise be cumbersome or demanding on hardware resources for breadboard or electronic development. Simulating component readouts allows accelerated development and retains the often-limited GPIO hardware associated with many developments.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an engineer, you can deploy hundreds of components without ordering additional parts.

PIXXI44 Graphics Processor
Powered by an embedded graphics processor which hosts built-in services to view high-quality widgets, images, icons and even video.​
2.5″ TFT IPS LCD display with Capacitive Touch
Boasting a full RBG (65K vivid colours) TFT IPS LCD with 240(W)x240(H) resolution and Capacitive Touch.
32MB Flash for Graphics Assets

On-board 32MB flash memory for all the graphical widgets, images and animations.​

matesBUS Interface 2×5 Pin Configuration

Connecting TIMI to your breadboard is hassle-free because of the built-in 5 pins. Save valuable GPIO pins on your host controller.

REPTOR-250 Features

REPTOR-250’s main interface is a 3.3V level Asynchronous Serial UART and features 2 GPIO, which can be used as Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, or Master I2C Communication. These interfaces arm REPTOR-250 with resources to be either a stand-alone controller, a Host-driven slave, or a tethered test instrument while capable of interfacing and powering external devices.

  • Powered by 4D Labs Pixxi44 Graphics Processor
  • 240(W)x240(H) resolution TFT IPS LCD, Capacitive-Touch
  • 3.3V (5V tolerant) Serial UART interface, capable 300 to 2187500 Baud
  • Master I2C (3.3V level) interface bus
  • 2 GPIO (3.3V level), Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs or Master I2C
  • 32MB of External SPI Flash Memory
  • 32KB of Processor Flash Memory
  • 30KB of Processor SRAM for User Variables
  • Single supply 5V power input (*3.3V possible)
  • Shared 3.3V power output for User, approximately 300mA available
  • Standard 0.1″ (2.54mm) pitch male pin headers, breadboard compatible
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • PCB is UL 94V-0 Flammability Rated
  • Weight approx. 31.0 grams

Mates Studio

Software Development Suite for REPTOR-250


The Commander environment enables the user to create projects by selecting page layouts from predesigned user interfaces from the Breadboard Mates team and community.


The Architect environment enables the user to design projects with custom pages and widgets. This gives more designing capabilities than the Commander environment.


The Genius environment enables the user to design projects with custom pages and widgets and write code. This removes the need for an external host to control the display.


The Builder environment enables projects with custom pages and widgets and builds the process flow using graphical/block programming, removing the need for an external host to control the display.

REPTOR-250 Resources

User Manuals

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What's in the Box:

  • REPTOR-250
  • Metal Box Package

Note: If this is your first time using REPTOR-250, we highly recommend you purchase the Starter Kit, as the Programmer will be essential for all development work.


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Starter Kits and Accessories

  • REPTOR-250 Starter Kit

    The REPTOR-250 Starter Kit includes everything you need to integrate the REPTOR-250 in your project.

    • REPTOR-250
    • Mates Programmer
    • Programming cable
    • Metal Box Package


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  • Pi Adaptor

    This adaptor provides a standard Raspberry Pi with a MatesBUS interface to connect products of any TIMI model directly to the Raspberry Pi bus.


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  • MB Adaptor

    This adaptor provides any board that supports the mikroBUS socket with a MatesBUS interface to connect any TIMI model directly.


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  • Mates Stand

    The Mates Stand is an aluminium stand with integrated PCB designed to provide a base platform for MatesBUS based products for development or showcasing.

    Note: the TIMI display is not included.


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