Raspberry Pi meets MatesBUS

Pi Adaptor

The Pi Adaptor connects to the Raspberry Pi’s 40 pin interface, breaking out selected pins for use with the MatesBUS. It also features a selector switch, which interrupts the Raspberry Pi’s TX signal, to direct the MatesBUS RX signal to the programming header instead. This allows the Pi Adaptor to be left connected to the Raspberry Pi when the connected device (such as the TIMI-96) is required to be programmed.

The only interface to the MatesBUS is a 3.3V level Asynchronous Serial UART and is used to communicate between the Raspberry Pi and the connected device on the MatesBUS.

The Pi Adaptor utilises the BBM MatesBus, which is a unique interface pinout designed to be simple and easy to use.
The MatesBus is made up of 2 rows of 5 pins, 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch, spaced 0.3” (7.62mm) apart, ideal for direct plug into a breadboard, or compatible adaptor or development board.

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Pi Adaptor

This adaptor provides a standard Raspberry Pi with a MatesBUS interface to connect products of any TIMI model directly to the Raspberry Pi bus.


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